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Hello, are you looking for a great guild in world of warcraft? well you found one, Dragon Heroes is an excellent guild with lots of helpful active members. We have over 80 members and they are very active. Markdragon is our guild leader,  he is online a lot. he might be on his other characters (who are also in the guild), his other character's names are Drackos, Wolfdracos, Nightdracos, and Deathdracos, you may talk to them for guild invites. we run dungeons at least once or twice a week (we will be doing even more soon) and we try to help as much as we can. we are a lvl 2 guild and we have 4 bank tabs (almost 5). you must be in the realm Darrowmere to join my guild, if you arent in darrowmere but you would still like to join you can switch realms anytime. we are a fast growing guild and we welcome anyone to join. markdragon or his other characters are on world of warcraft a lot, if you are trying to whisper them but they arent online just add them to your friend list and whisper to them when one of them comes online. if they arent on for awhile and you dont wanna wait longer you can add Jackxxn to your friend list, just tell him you want to join the guild and he will gladly invite you, he is the second in command. you can get promoted easily in the guild if you are active and participant. we will be around for a long time. join today! 
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Dragon Heroes

order of the dragon, Feb 23, 11 6:45 PM.
we want anyone to join the guild, just whisper to markdragon or his alts(see below) to get an invite. make sure you are in the realm darrowmere or you move to that realm before you whisper to them. join today!

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order of the dragon, Feb 23, 11 6:17 PM.
if you are looking for a guild and you wanna know about this one, just look here. we are a lvl 2 lvling, helping, and dungeon guild. we encourage anyone to join. markdragon or his alts(see below) will invite you to the guild if you whisper to one fo them, join today!

guild leader and his characters.

order of the dragon, Feb 23, 11 5:57 PM.
hey, if you are trying to whisper to markdragon but he's not on, he might be on one of his other characters(who r also in the guild). their names are Drackos, Wolfdracos, Nightdracos, Deathdracos. or whisp jackxxn if none of them are on.
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Death Knight
Blood (500)
Frost (500)
Unholy (500)
Balance (500)
Feral (500)
Restoration (500)
Beast Masters (500)
Marksmanship (500)
Survivalists (500)
Arcane (500)
Fire (500)
Frost (500)
Holy (500)
Protection (500)
Retribution (500)
Discipline (500)
Holy (500)
Shadow (500)
Assassination (500)
Combat (500)
Subtlety (500)
Elemental (500)
Enhancement (500)
Restoration (500)
Affliction (500)
Demonology (500)
Destruction (500)
Arms (500)
Fury (500)
Protection (500)
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